Outsourcing and the us economy essay

Access to high technologies have granted many companies a possibility to outsource jobs, which do not require too many professional skills to the countries with lower remuneration of labor. Is it Outsourcing or Offshoring? Offshore outsourcing increases the level of unemployment in the United States.

It is evident that the number of jobs that are being outsourced is growing annually. T analysis of outsourcing has economic and financial benefits for the end user. The Bush administration must wake up and come up with a better economic policy along with strong economic measure in place; the US economy can overcome the economic recession that is now gripping the country.

GDP growth rates are indicator of the soundness of the economy for investment. In addition, critics of outsourcing also complain that the government, with the drive of economic benefits, is actively pursuing policies that accelerate outsourcing by encouraging companies to create jobs offshore while there are so many unemployed people in America.

It is undoubted that creating job offshore instead of using high-paid U. However, Outsourcing and the us economy essay indicator reflects that the US economy was on its way to recovery from the economic recession.

Other companies find outsourcing the functions of human resource departments, such as payroll and health insurance, as beneficial. Additionally, Harrop states that the program decreases the wage of American workers.

The research is based on the information gathered on the overall processes that the companies used from start to finish as a guideline for other companies wishing to outsource. The comparison used for a two-year recession recovery was from the 's, mid's and 's.

The weakness of the US economy on the other hand, is represented by the deteriorating Housing market, which is causing the economy to slow down. This, in turn, affects the domestic minimum wage. Other economic sub sectors related to the consumption, will result be pulled down by this dropped and economist sees it will likely push the economy into recession.

Therefore, it would be significant for the U. It is due to this reason that companies opt to hire more foreigners than native citizens. Governance structure provides insight, not merely oversight. Their economy will boom because of the trading with other nations.

Outsourcing Is Not Good For America

In order to create value and share risk, the industry has fostered the idea of outsourcing. The paper ends with suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of outsourcing. The increase in demand for outsourcing will result in a downward sloping demand curve, as outsourcing of maintenance continues to decimate the highly skilled aircraft labor force which will eventually have adverse economic effect — reduction in the wetware of the industry.

Outsourcing may save a company some cash but the risk is far higher. Signing contracts with other companies may take time and extra effort from a firm's legal team.

Evaluation of Current Government Policy Sincethe Bush Administration implemented a government policy of tax reduction arguing that this policy will promote a stronger, more affluent economy for everyone. Outsourcing is a decision that must involve the human resources department because it must be involved every step of the way.

Three of the most important negative effects are the risk of losing key skills to competing for the future, the risk of decreasing the employment of U. Discussion of its Main Economic Strengths and Weakness The strength of the economy of the United States lies in its capability to register seven percent growth during the last fiscal year in which it would attract domestic and foreign investments and improve investment to GDP to a high 23 percent.

It doesn't provide for the hard numbers for one to make this statement factual. In effect, these days the term outsourcing is normally used for referring to offshore outsourcing alone Prasad and Pushkala, As a result, highly sensitive information on personal finances andmedical records is being handled offshore with jobs overseas.

It is due to offshore outsourcing that the country has unemployment issues. On the other and, offshore outsourcing is beneficial to the U. In our case, special attention is paid to human resources issues of outsourcing in the global economy. India has become the leader in outsourcing, gathering interest of companies looking to save money.

According to M Sharif, this high GDP ratio has become the actual basis of economic growth, which registered increase in the national savings.

The increased in productivity brings economic benefits not only to the workers though it may mean additional working hours, but to the macro performance of the economy. Many of the major players in the airline industry are finding it more beneficial to purchase the materials that they are using for their business via outsourcing.

So these developing countries, such as India and China, not only have low-cost laborbut also rapidly assimilate the technology and know-how from the local U.

Aerospace Outsourcing

Alternatively, it is beneficial to companies since the wages paid to outsourced workers are less than for the USA citizens. The Future of Outsourcing The future of outsourcing appears to be unswerving as processes will remain available to any firm that needs to utilize the activity.Despite the United States long standing role in the global economy the shift from a superpower to subcontractor was not a gradual one as the nation outsourced its industry to low wage nations.

Nov 03,  · The process of outsourcing is defined as using the expertise and potentials of a third-party on contractual basis. The procedure is believed to accommodate various facets of societies on the basis of labor division as outlined by the doctrines of a free market economy.

Outsourcing: United States and Economy Essay. Outsourcing The ultimate goal of any business is to create a profit, and in today’s economy that can be more easy to accomplish in some countries than others.

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The case for outsourcing jobs

If you want to buy a high quality research paper on any topic at affordable price please use custom research paper writing services. United States economy being the world’s largest economy; historically, it has maintained a stable GDP growth, a low unemployment rate, a high level of research and capital investment funded by both national, and because of increasing saving rates, increasingly by foreign investors.

Outsourcing is the process wherein one company decides to purchase a product or service from a source, which is outside the company.

Generally, it refers to those products and services that were previously produced internally, but is now being sourced externally (Hira & Hira, ).

Outsourcing and the us economy essay
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