Nibco s big bang an sap implementation

With the opportunity to give it equal footing, it sounded like we could really focus on the change management piece. November, Go Live date moved from Monday following Thanksgiving to December 30 due to delays in completion of warehouse consolidation and master data load testing.

Students can identify the technology and organizational risks associated with ERP projects in general, and Big Bang implementations in particular, and then assess how well NIBCO's leaders manage these risks over the life of the project.

After the cutover, many would also serve in "local expert" roles. Jan Bleile, Power User At the time of the BCG study, there was widespread dissatisfaction with the functionality of the legacy environment and data was suspect, at best, because of multiple points of access and multiple databases.

A large open space called the "war room" had whiteboards on every wall. We said all along, from day one, that we expected to become competent with the tools. Scott Beutler, Project Co-Lead, Business Process Their job was to bring to the table a deep knowledge of SAP and how it functions and enough business savvy to be able to understand the business case to help us best configure it in SAP.

We had a neat manufacturing package that ran on a Hewlett Packard, an accounting system that ran on an IBM, and a distribution package that was repackaged to run on the IBM. Although Beutler was already dedicated full-time to the ERP project, Wilson would continue to manage the IS department as well as co-lead the project for the next 18 months.

Beutler was charged with learning whether a new type of integrated systems package called enterprise resource planning systems ERP would be the best IT investment to move the company forward. We would identify what core processes we would need, we would look at the choices within SAP, we would pick the one that most closely mirrored our need, and we would adjust to the difference….

Case Study Analysis: NIBCO's 'Big Bang': An SAP Implementation

One of the exciting things about coming to this company was being a part of an ERP implementation. We said all along, from day one, that we expected to become competent with the tools. I remember serious counsel where people came back and said: The systems development staff spent most of their time building custom interfaces between the systems and trying to resolve the "disconnects.

Although the detailed planning for the distribution center DC consolidation was not complete when the final project plan was presented to the Board, by March the company had committed to consolidate from 17 small DCs to 4 large ones: Management also knew that if the project ran late, it could really hurt the company.

And so they went into each little nook and cranny of the company and sorted out whether we really needed to change every system we had.

High risk — high reward b. At the same time business initiatives were demanding a quicker implementation.

Case Study: NIBCO's Big Bang: An SAP Implementation

This meant that the whole organization needed to be committed to the ERP project. Not all of the potential IBM project leaders that the team interviewed believed in the viability of the Big Bang approach.

For example, sales offices outside of the U. However, the company leaders chose not to heed the advice of their consultants, or the current trade press, about taking a slower, phased-in approach.

Nibco's “big Bang”: An Sap Implementation

In order to quickly put in place the systems to execute the new supply chain and customer-facing strategies, which had come out of the strategic planning process, the company would have to commit a significant portion of its resources.

Business Systems Analyst roles were filled by persons with strong technical credentials who were also able to understand the business.

In early Decemberthe final project scope and resource estimates were presented to the ELT and the Board, based on a Go Live date 12 months later. It was hard on families, but nobody quit, nobody left…. During the second week, IBM facilitators led the entire team through discussions about the kinds of changes the project would necessitate.

At one end of the tiger den was a room with soft couches and chairs designed to facilitate informal meetings. The directors on the project team were used to having private offices, so working without privacy in an open arena alongside the rest of the team took some adjustment.

Because up to 70 people could be working in the Den at the same time, phones would have been very distracting.Essay on Nibco's Big Bang Words May 22nd, 4 Pages NIBCO’s “Big Bang”: SAP Implementation Inafter a significant strategic planning effort took place, NIBCO Inc., decided to implement a plan to, “Go Live” with a new SAP program.

Case Study: NIBCO's Big Bang: An SAP Implementation

NIBCO's 'Big Bang': An SAP Implementation NIBCO's 'Big Bang': An SAP Implementation Introduction SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, was founded inand has now become one of the world's most leading business software providers, in over one hundred and twenty countries and with over.

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In Julythe ERP selection team recommended to th eELT that NIBCO purchase a single ERP system: SAP R/3. NIBCO brought Boston Consulting Group (BCG) team in and help the company develop a new plan for implementation information system to meet its business need. BCG suggested that NIBCO should replace its current legacy system, and implemented integrated systems.

A mid-sized company like NIBCO should have more thoughtful consideration before using a “Big Bang” approach for SAP ERP system implementation. The TIGER Triad at the heart of the project is a more effective management structure.

This case study analysis is based on a case study titled NIBCO’s “Big Bang”: An SAP Implementation. NIBCO is a employee company located in Elkhart.

Nibco s big bang an sap implementation
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