Cultural relativism and human rights essay

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Our brave troops achieve glorious victories over them; their fanatical hordes perpetrate bloody massacres on us. In the United States, a Nigerian woman recently was granted asylum on the ground that her returning to her country would result in the forcible circumcision of her daughter, which was deemed a violation of the girl's human rights.

They have been unwilling to pass judgment on such forms of culturally based homicide as the killing of infants or the aged. It is true that Western ideas of human rights have so far dominated international discourse.

The Catholic Church significantly interferes with the sexual rite of passage associated with the sociocultural transitory phases of sexuality. The foregoing arguments in support of cultural relativism, though, fly in the face of some substantial arguments against as discussed further below.

I believe that we should not let the concept of relativism stop us from using national and international forums to examine ways to protect the lives and dignity of people in every culture. The practice of honor killings, which victimizes mainly women, has been defended in some local courts as less serious than premeditated murder, because it stems from long-standing cultural traditions.

How can I go about with this essay about Cultural Relativism?

When it considers the right to be important and important, this should indicate it is universal. This essay examines the debate through the contradiction of concepts of Universalism and Cultural Relativism.

We are all humans, with basic wants and needs. In a similar fashion, societies that practice strict religious observations such as in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabiamay view mainstream cultural practices in the West as aberrant and outrageous despite their widespread acceptance otherwise by hundreds of millions of people.

Women's associations in the Ivory Coast are calling for an end to female circumcision. As anthropologist Ralph Linton observed. Human privileges would be different things in Saudi Arabia set alongside the UK. One of the most contentious issues arises from the fundamental question: However, these are not issues of universal "right" and "wrong.

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For instance, Benedict notes that, "Behavior honored upon the Northwest Coast is one which is recognized as abnormal in our civilization" The association has responded to the changing attitude among its members by forming a Commission for Human Rights, charged with developing a specifically anthropological perspective on those rights, and with challenging violations and promoting education about them.

What authority do we Westerners have to impose our own concept of universal rights on the rest of humanity? They negative consequences of ethnocentrism are: What about "honor" killings of sisters and daughters accused of sexual misconduct in some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean societies?

Culture is the totality of knowledge, skills, customs, and customs, specific to an organization of men and women or a civilization.

Similarly, cultural protection under the law do not justify torture, murder, genocide, discrimination on grounds of intimacy, race, terms or religion, or violation of any of the other universal human rights and important freedoms set up in international law.

Indeed, rejection of international human rights may lead to systematic abuses of human rights within the societies or communities, still sometimes international protection of human rights can be used for political purposes.

In "grave circumstances" such as happened during the Rwandan genocide, the Constitutive Act authorizes the African Union to intervene.

Following the lead of human-rights advocates, a growing number of anthropologists and others are coming to recognize that violence against women should be acknowledged as a violation of a basic human right to be free from harm.

Therefore, it is an absolute truth and the statement is false. A Cultural Context These are a few of the issues, concerns and questions root the argument over universal individual rights and social relativism.

Because their research involves extended interaction with people at the grassroots, anthropologists are in a unique position to lend knowledge and expertise to the international debate regarding human rights.

He stopped pressuring china on its human rights problem and started targeting increasing US exports to China. Doing so does not represent a complete break with the traditions of our field. Our children are losing their moral compass and lashing out in violence like never before.

What motivates the dissatisfied to agitate and their beliefs as marginalized individuals should be seriously considered, instead of just imposing policies to them.

It leads to harmful discrimination against people whose way of life differs from ours.Cultural Relativism is the doctrine that the moral rightness and wrongness of actions are relative to a culture. Our moral principles describe social conventions and must be based on the norms of our society.

In our rapidly changing world a convergence of various cultures is an increasing trend /5(13). Cultural Relativism and Problems Associated with This Approach Cultural anthropology is the study of cultural variation among people.

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An essential concept that professional anthropologists apply in their fieldworks is - cultural relativism - an approach to study of the nature and role of values in a culture without judgment and comparison to.

Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights Created Date: Z. Published: Mon, 5 Dec When it comes to human rights, the issue of cultural relativism is widely discussed. Majority of the human rights literature encompasses the western and non-western argument on what best illustrates what human rights should be.

Relativism: Universal Human Rights Essay Human Rights supersede cultural relativism! As an educated civilization we have, an ethical obligation to intervene on behalf of the girls and women subjugated to the cultural practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

EBSCO Research Starters idea of universal standards, or to human rights. Overview Cultural relativism is a complex concept that has its intellectual roots in discussions about relativism in the philosophy of sci- Cultural Relativism Essay by Alexandra Howson, Ph.D.

Cultural relativism and human rights essay
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