Boychild empowerment

And Ensure the formulation and delivery of developmental programmes based on research of the issues facing the boy child. Consequently, he has not been trained in the responsibilities of a man. Everybody is suffering from these past empowerment disparity, and it should come to a halt.

It is indeed true that the boy child in Africa and some parts of the world for many generations has unwittingly benefitted from a patriarchal society that has prized men over women and sons over daughters.

Kenya and indeed the rest of the world have been active in creating and implementing programs and policies aimed at uplifting the status of the girl child. Why Boychild empowerment feminists believe the movement is the fight for equality? The groups claim Boychild empowerment if the ministry is done away with, it will sideline all the developments made in helping women especially the girl child.

Boychild empowerment Essay

Image via Women empowerment groups have asked the president and his deputy not to do away with the gender ministry. We should empower the boy child just as we are doing for the girl child to strengthen their male counterparts as well.

I think it is time we tell some of our sisters and future wives who have become pompous in the name of women empowerment and fighting for gender equality to stop the arrogance and the unnecessary fights. We were not abusive like most of our "freedom fighters" today are.

The boy child is lost in neglect

Therefore, this school of thought concludes by stating that the troubled boy child dilemma should not be left to women to figure out and deal with. On the other hand, a boy mostly bottles up every bit of anguish or pain.

He is prone to sexual assault and suffering as any other child. The welfare of these humans have greatly been ignored and left out in many projects as the girl child is fore grounded.

Nowadays the girl child is protected against early marriage and is given the chance to go to school. Deal with your negative experiences, set realistic expectations and be optimistic. In Africa, as well as in many other parts of the world, boys are taught to be masculine and girls to be feminine in accordance with the gender norms of society.

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In addition, some people may not believe that a boy child could be a victim of either sexual harassment or sexual abuse. Maybe I am talking too much without making sense and it is time I end this talk.

Because boys are socialized not to display their weaknesses, they tend to suffer in silence. Down to polygamy and how it was viewed. Currently most parents while observing their biological responsibility in one hand they also neglect their social and psychological responsibility on the other to their children mostly the boy child.

These have been labeled as the right of empowerment and as the right to protection. Our upbringing models us to be what we are. Students in schools are introduced to the topics covering the whole aspect of Gender but emphasis is placed on the issues only affecting the women girl child and the possible solutions to eradicate and rectify the situation.Boy Child Empowerment Innitiative Kenya - BCEIK.

likes. A boy child over the years has been neglected. This page is going to help our boys realize. Oct 11,  · The girl child empowerment in Kenya has sidelined the boy child pushing him to the periphery.

The boy child has been ignored for too long.

The boy child is lost in neglect

The boy Child is suffering a life skills crisis and needs to be empowered. THE BOYCHILD EMPOWERMENT The boy child has been deserted long ago hence the girl child have been overly empowered. Everyday we see people talking about. Women empowerment groups have asked the president and his deputy not to do away with the gender ministry.

The plan was to have it as a department in one ministry rather than give it an entire docket. The groups claim that if the ministry is done away with, it will sideline all the developments made.

Boychild empowerment Essay

Unfortunately boys and men have been placed sidelined in the girl-child empowerment initiatives, and, consequently creating imbalance in family set-up and society in general. Aug 29,  · Over the years, lobby groups and activists have focused on empowering the girl child achieve her potential especially in education and job market with varying results.

However in the process of lifting the girl-child, the boy child has been left lagging behind. Hence there is need to design an inclusive approach that recognizes the input.

Boychild empowerment
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