A summary of the book congo by michel crichton

The actual plot is very anticlimactic. Certainly primate researchers had a long history of misjudging their subjects. Elliot himself had helped eradicate one of the most famous misconceptions — the brutish stupidity of the gorilla.

They are contacting them back at the base in Houston. Peter Elliot, a primatologist who trained a gorilla named Amy to speak by the use of sign language, and Charles Munro, the guide who leads the expedition through the Congo.


Not even a very smart person which Crichton is talks this way. Jack Foreman, who is temporarily jobless, is a father just trying to raise his three children and run the household while his wife, Julia, is putting on long hours at "the office".

Why even have dialog? Prey's opening chapters are an intriguing, fast-paced read. A brief battle ensues and several gorillas are killed. Here's one where you would want Michael Crichton to use his time machine from Timeline so he could fast forward to the future and take notes of the formula that worked so well in books he wrote later and were more successful.

The city has diamond mines under it and they trained gorillas to be like watch dogs to guard the mines. Congo begins with a team of men exploring Africa who are systematically being wiped out by an unknown enemy. The plan had worked. Because of the bewilderment over this incident she contacts Dr.

This is where the action begins.

Congo Book Summary and Study Guide

The review of this Book prepared by Marcus Wyche. Overall, put this story on the bottom of your Crichton must read list. Without spoiling anything major, his wife is working on an experimental project dealing in nano-technology.

Michael Crichton’s Congo Summary & Analysis

Honestly, its hard to be critical with a best selling author like Michael Crichton. She will not appear until the ending. Nanotecnology is on the attack!Entertainer-educator Crichton, that clever devil, has done it again--by dressing up one of the oldest book/movie scenarios around with enough capsulized science, history, and geography to keep readers happily on their toes.

“The purpose of life is to stay alive. Watch any animal in nature--all it tries to do is stay alive. It doesn't care about beliefs or philosophy.

Congo was written in by Michael Crichton. With a few, very minor details (such as gushing over how awesome it is to have a comuter with K memory) this is a tale that reads very well to this day/5. Michael Crichton talks about writing, directing and his latest novel, Congo.

Here is an excerpt: Here is an excerpt: “Crichton cheerfully admits that Congo owes more than its exotic locale to Sir Henry Rider Haggard’s classic “King Solomon’s Mines”. Like most of Michael Crichton's work "Congo" the movie does not reflect the book well. It is a story about a group of scientists (and a talking gorilla) with conflicting interests on a journey through the Congo jungle.

Brief Summary: A trip into the African jungle looking for diamonds. Oh, and Amy the Gorilla goes for the ride also. Honestly, its hard to be critical with a best selling author like Michael Crichton.

A summary of the book congo by michel crichton
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